About Us

CMC:Foundation for Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to changing the conversation around substance use from one of shame and suffering to one of hope and positive action. We provide materials, resources, and programs to the loved ones of those struggling with substance use, as well as to community groups, treatment providers, and health professionals.

We are so excited to release this workbook, which is the first full text resource on the Invitation to Change Approach. ITC was developed over many years by the leaders of our organization, using scientific evidence and a compassionate perspective to help families support their loved one with addiction.

All profits from sales of A Short Guide help us provide free and low-cost resources to communities who need them.


We envision a world where everyone who loves someone struggling with substances has access to information and tools based in science, grounded in compassion, and tailored to the needs of families and their community.

More About the ITC

The Invitation to Change Approach is grounded in compassion, connection, and the understanding that families, loved ones, and professionals can have a powerful helping impact on those struggling to change.

Built on the three pillars of Understanding, Awareness, and Action, the ITC first illuminates new perspectives on substance use and the process of change; next, it creates a foundation of self-awareness to allow willingness to engage with emotional pain. Finally, it emphasizes action, teaching communication and behavior skills to promote and support new behaviors.

More ways to learn about the approach are also available at cmcffc.org.


ITC Wheel


    Learn a new way of looking at substance use–one based in compassion and care.


    Stay in touch with your values, feelings, and limits as a vital part of the change process.


    Build communication skills that promote change and growth in your loved one.